Most ETOs initially join as Junior Marine Electricians, Cadets Electrical, and Assistant Marine Electricians are lower seafarer ranks than Chief Marine Electricians and Electro-Technical Officers. With time and experience at sea, they work their way up the career ladder as they gain more experience in jobs at sea.

Great working knowledge on English is fundamental as, on most ships, the working language is English0 Their tasks are reading 1and understanding technical diagrams and blueprints, installing and wiring, replacing electrical components, and maintaining, repairing, and upgrading faulty electrics.They must learn to maintain, repair, and replace different equipment on a ship that runs on electricity, such as navigation systems, radios, pumps, motors Etc. Under supervision. They must be familiar with devices such as ohmmeters, voltmeters, and/or oscilloscopes.

They must learn to be able to find the causes of any issues but also be able to pinpoint a defect or potential hazard in advance of a problem occurring. Ensure danger warning signs are there as needed on electrical equipment saying the voltage is hazardous.

Must be familiar with the lock-out / tag-out system on board. Must know their duties and Their emergency locations. Should be familiar with the use and operation of emergency equipment on board.

Must learn to maneuver into as many cramped places as electrical systems and wiring on the ship can be located in difficult-to-reach places or some cramped places. Must learn to perform diagnostics, read blueprints, and spot defects. Adhere to maintenance schedules and keep work logs. Must wear the appropriate PPE at all times

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