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Marine Engineering is a field of engineering studies or a branch of engineering that combines the knowledge of mechanical engineering, electrical/electronics engineering, and naval architecture for the safe operation, maintenance, repairs, and fabrication of parts of a marine power plant, proportion, and other marine auxiliaries onboard a marine vessel or watercraft.
The marine engineering profession was not heard of until inventions were made from sail to steam-propelled vessel to diesel engines which gave room for marine auxiliary machinery to support the proportion system onboard a vessel. This invention gave room for the studies of marine engineering, which has now become one of the figureheads in the marine industry.

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A marine engineer is not just a person who knows marine machinery but also a person who has a basic knowledge of nautical seamanship. Marine engineers may be called ‘engine doctors’ onboard a ship (because they are mainly responsible for the maintenance and overhauling of ship’s equipment and machinery carried out by them on board a ship).

Marine engineers are also training in watchkeeping, survival at sea technique, human resource management & safety management, knowing that they work in dangerous environments and situations for the effective and intensional carrying out of their responsibility while onboard. Marine Engineers have also engaged ashore in port engineers, marine superintendents, and marine surveyors; these roles require extensive sea service, further training, and additional certifications other than operational and managerial Certificates of Competency. Also, they can work as service engineers or technicians of engine manufacturing companies, dock, and shipbuilding yards.

By Vhoiechelle Magno

In the engine department of a ship, the chief engineer is the overall head of all the engine staff, followed by the first (1st)/ second (2nd) engineer who supervises and manages the engine crew. The third (3rd) engineer, fourth (4th) engineer, and fifth (5th) engineer are operational engineer officers who carry out day-to-day operations and maintenance, including watchkeeping; the engine cadet is an officer in training. Also, there are Engine ratings (fitter, oiler/ motorman, wiper, Etc.) who are the engine support crew whose duties are to maintain and assist their assigned engine officer of the watch in carrying out the operation in the engine room and machinery spaces.

Generally, choosing a career in Marine Engineering, a person who wants to study marine engineering in a tertiary institution must be science inclined, having not less than a “credit” grade in high school physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Marine Engineering undergraduate program in the maritime academy or universities of some countries is between four (4) to five (5) years course of studies, including a one (1) year industrial training as a cadet onboard a ship which will afford an individual the opportunity to sit for the licensing examination for the awarding of a certificate of competency after graduating with a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) or Higher National Diploma (HND) in Marine Engineering. After the one (1) year of industrial training for sea experience, the person is eligible to sit for the license examination of an Engine Officer of the watch (EOOW); with this license, the individual will be given responsibilities as an engine officer to supervise, maintain and carry out operations assigned to the individual.

In recent times due to the advancement of technology, the engine room of some modern ships may be unmanned where the machinery is except to run without human control or assistance. However, they still require trained marine engineers to be on the lookout for any behavioral changes in the machinery and carry out maintenance when necessary, which will, in turn, affect the safe operations of the ship: This assures the importance of Seafaring marine engineers and the continuity/security of the professional in the foreseeable future.

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  3. Thanks , I have just been looking for information about this subject for ages and yours is the greatest I’ve discovered so far. But, what about the conclusion? Are you sure about the source?

  4. It was my Angel jobs in ship’s . basically I was in ship’s main engine. beginning my job sign on M/V FLAXINA TO M/ V INNA.TO M/T OCEAN POWER..at last I fall in and my ship’s she was shank and submarged in south asian countries Bangladesh Chittagong port near by and I sign off…that before I was in M/T BOTANY TRADITIONAL.that before I was in M/T ELEPHANT 🐘 hope this r all ship’s scraped .. during my job periods in vessel it was truly good atmosphere,that I feal angelic job it’s management was truly high standards but after 19991 gradually it’s becomes very inferrior classes, because asian some countries provide many of unskilled sea man’s those who had no right mix of knowledge about ship’s engine ship’s boiler’s, ship’s generator,ship’s water pumps,oils pumps , which rotate system’s , horizontal cranes mechanical systems , anchor ⚓ hydrologic , stream power’s system’s,hatch Sutter mechanically system double deck system’s.. propeller shaft bearings systems , piston head valves piston rings , connecting rod and it’s gozon pin systems,it’s sleep boring systems.. during my times in that way I surved very smooth engine power to the bridge captains and all respected captains was so happy to run their ship’s and they call me to an sea anges boy.. my last captains was British he was also a an angel captains..we both tougher share many of ship’s misstrious case’s that was happened……it is my advice to all ⚓🚢 ship’s company that for theirs vessels life’s goods never recruit unskilled sea man’s what ever he is even though captains, chiefs engineer…from the bridges I can founds main engine problems from its sound’s recognize.that the 5th cylinders cam bearings were Detroit or to piston heads valves were likes… I loves engine , engine loves me I give engine souls that is compressor good to run ship’s.and to was true really true many engine cry’s when I left that ⚓ ship’s on sign off.. next I will provide many of my experience .which I and that my beloved captain awere and obtain..
    Hope my angel captains pass away
    .he came to into my dreams last year’s,and said that I am depart from u..
    Pray for me my angel boy ship’s pioneer…don’t forget me ….

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