Rank Of Second Engineer

Rank Of Second Engineer

In the engine department, the second in command after the chief engineer is the second (2nd) Engineer, commonly called “2E,” also known in some vessels as the first (1st) Engineer.

The second engineer position is a managerial position that makes it the engine room staff manager and reports directly to the chief engineer. The second engineer is also a licensed marine engineer officer who holds a certificate of competency STCW Reg. III/2.

By Imran Kondkari


According to the leading engineer’s guidance, the second engineer is liable for administering the everyday support and activity in the engine room.
The duties and responsibilities of a second engineer are, but are not limited to;

  • Watchkeeping: 0400H – 0800 and 1600H – 2000H are the watch hours of the second engineer.
  • Maintenance & Repairs: some types of machinery assigned to the second engineer are the Main engine, Refrigeration & Air-condition compressors, incinerators.
  • Preparing of daily work and end of month report.
  • Assigning of job orders to engine crews.
  • Preparing the engine room for arrival and departure.
  • Taking inventory of spare parts of assigned machinery.
  • Engine room storekeeper.
  • Routine safety alarm and emergency machinery checks.
  • Organizing toolbox meetings.
  • Working in the chief engineer’s capacity in the absence of the chief engineer.


At port or during discharge and loading operations, the second engineer could work as a day man with the working hours of (0800H – 1700H) making the third and fourth engineers cover-up for the watch hours of the second engineer by keeping six (6) hours per watch and 12 hours watch per day this could depend on the company’s policy or chief engineer’s instruction.
Uniform: the second engineer has identified the three (3) stripes (bars) with diamond or propeller symbols on his epaulets.


The wages of the second engineer has expected to be $4300 or more, but it depends on the company’s salary scale where a bonus or allowance has been added to increase it.

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