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Officer On Watch Duties | Ocean Mariner
Officer On Watch Duties

Officer On Watch Duties

Watch (OOW) officer is also answerable to the bridge team, supporting navigation. He is additionally accountable to make sure that the ship complies with COLREGS and every one of the orders of the master is followed with utmost safety underneath all conditions.

The primary duties of a politician on WatchWatch are:

  • Watchkeeping
  • Navigation
  • GMDSS radio watchkeeping

An officer on WatchWatch could represent the master and is primarily accountable the last few times for the ship’s safe navigation and for obliging with COLREGS. As Officer on Watch, he is answerable to the bridge team for that WatchWatch until adequately alleviated his duty. The Officer on Watch shall ensure that the master’s standing orders are complied with and that bridge watch manning levels are safe the least bit times underneath prevailing circumstances and conditions. Watchkeeping duties embrace, however, do not seem to be restricted to the following:

By Shayke Abdullah Nabian
  • maintaining a correct lookout and general police work of the ship.
  • collision dodging following COLREGS.
  • recording bridge activities and creating periodic checks on all steering instrumentation in use.
  • follow procedures for redeeming WatchWatch as per sea operation procedures.
  • job for support on the bridge as and once required.
  • execute the passage set up safely and monitor the progress.
  • maintain continuous GMDSS radio watch as well as distress signals if any.
  • be informed totally with speed, handling characteristics, stopping distances, and turning circle of the ship.
  • should not hesitate to use helm, engines, or sound signaling equipment at any time.
  • should be informed with all safety instrumentation on board and their usage, notably concerning the interference of pollution and emergencies.
  • must not leave the bridge unattended at any time.

Additional duties for the Officer on Watch may be entrusted to him reckoning on his rank. He should be aware of them, e.g., loading observance, general communications, machinery management, oversight, safety systems management, Etc. These additional duties should not interfere with the first duties of the Officer on Watch.

Maintaining a lookout

COLREG places a compulsory provision for keeping a proper lookout on the ship the least bit times. It should serve the following purpose:

  • maintaining an eternal state of vigilance by sight and hearing moreover as by all alternative obtainable means that to assess any vital modification within the in operation environment.
  • evaluative the least bit times the danger of collision, stranding, and alternative dangers to navigation.
  • sleuthing ships or craft in distress, shipwrecked persons, wrecks, rubble, or alternative hazards to safe navigation.

Lookout duties can not be shared with alternative works, e.g., a steerer on duty, whereas steering must not be thought of as a watch unless the ship is tiny and has the patent all-spherical read from the steering position.

Ships with absolutely confined bridges ought to have such provisions that sound reception from all audible sounds on the open deck is evident the least bit times within the bridge.
The OOW must take special precautions.
The Officer on watch should maintain a high level of general awareness of the daily operation of the ship. It will embrace general go-over the ship’s decks to watch, wherever attainable individuals are performing on deck, and any loading or loading handling instrumentation. Special care and extra watches are to be unbroken wherever there is a risk of piracy or armed attack.

Whenever individuals are operating aloft or within the neighborhood of measuring instrument antennae, radio aerials, and sound signaling equipment, the OOW ought to be notably observant. Warning notices are to be announced at applicable places, and everyone involved ought to learn to require adequate precautions and inform the OOW once the allotted work is completed.

Officer On WatchWatch compliance with the provisions of the Colregs Compliance with the provisions of the COLREGS means not solely the conduct of the vessels underneath steering and sailing rules but displaying the shapes of the proper light and creating the proper sound and light signals. Vessels might not be displaying their correct lights/ shapes, or the lights/ shapes might not be visible due to certain restrictions of the ship’s structure once approached from a particular direction. It is so continuously prudent to permit additional sea-room because it is safe to try and do.

By Li F Villanueva

In all cases, early and favorable action ought to be taken once the shut quarter scenario exists and to avoid a collision. Once AN action has been taken, the OOW should ensure that the action has the required impact. Valuable time must not be wasted in attempting to contact the opposite vessel seeking collision dodging action from the opposite party. It is unacceptable to possess confirmed identification of the opposite party, and misunderstanding in communication may arise, resulting in calamitous results.

The risk of collision in obvious weather is detected by taking frequent compass bearings of the opposite approaching vessel/s. If the bearings are studied, the risk of collision exists. However, the risk of collision should be there once terribly massive ships, ships underneath tow or ships at shut vary even once there is AN considerable bearing modification.

In restricted visibility {radar microwave measuring instrument radio detection and ranging radiolocation measuring instrument measuring system measuring device and radar, the plotting effectively accustomed to assess the risk of collision. However, over-reliance on electronic gadgets is dangerous, and also the OOW ought to take each chance in clear weather to follow measuring instrument plotting and check and improve on his potency.

What are the Officer’s duties on the WatchWatch when the pilot is onboard?

The Officer to blame for a steering watch should take no matter action is essential before the master arrives to take care of navigation protection. Discussing, agreeing, and acting to the complete bridge team, any amendment to the ship’s voyage set up suggested by the pilot.

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