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Rank Of Bosun | Ocean Mariner
Rank Of Bosun

Rank Of Bosun

The bosun is a petty deck officer who reports directly to the chief officer and oversees the deck ratings and the maintenance jobs on deck.

A bosun is considered a skilled seaman who has passed through the ranks of Ordinary Seaman (OS). And Able-bodied Seaman (AB) with proper knowledge of seamanship. And quality sea experience to carry out jobs on deck effectively and efficiently and supervise the deck ratings to carry out their assigned jobs.

By Lauro Flores Lindo


Being the highest rank amongst the deck ratings, the bosun is not responsible or duty-free. However, it is loaded with duties that border the deck operations and maintenance. In this regard, the duties and responsibilities of the bosun are but are not limited to;

  • Assigning jobs to deck ratings as received from the chief officer in accordance with planned maintenance system (PMS) 
  • Preparing the windlass for anchoring operation of the ship
  • In charge of the bosun store, paint store, and taking inventories of deck store supplies 
  • Maintenance of the mooring winch and windlass 
  • Assisting in mooring operations by playing an active role in the safe mooring of the ship 
  • Supervising the deck jobs carried out by the ratings to ensure it is appropriately done and finished. 
  • Appointed as crane operator onboard 
  • Member of deck fire fighting team 
  • Maintaining lines and ropes (knots, hitches, bends, whipping, and splices), making such it in good condition mooring the ship. 
By Lauro Flores Lindo

The bosun is not a watchkeeper but works as a daysman on regular working hours of 0800H-1700H. The bosun is expected to hold a Certificate of Proficiency in accordance with STCW regulations III/5 for rating forming part of a navigational watch. With this certification, the bosun may be required to work as a watchkeeper or do the work of an Able-bodied Seafarer (AB) Deck when there’s a required need for it. 

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