Rank Of Deck Cadet

Rank Of Deck Cadet

The Deck Cadet is a Navigational Watch Officer in training who is onboard for an allocated time for sea experience to learn the duties of an officer in charge of navigational watch, safety and mode of operation of the ship.


In order to go onboard as a deck cadet the cadetship program of a deck cadet includes studying for Bachelors Degree or Higher National Diploma in Marine Transport or Nautical Science in a Maritime University or Academy. Basic training certification are required aside from the travelling documents are required such as;

  • STCW Basic Training Certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  • National Seaman Book (Discharge Book)

Other special training certification maybe required depending on the type of vessel, trade region and company’s policy.

By Reymarck Bulosan


The deck cadet is always under the supervision of an officer especially the Chief Mate who the deck cadet reports to directly, who will guide the cadet on how to effectively carried duties and responsibilities attached to the rank of the deck cadet which includes but not limited to;

  • Personal Safety
  • Filling and performing all project in the cadet’s training log book
  • Assisting in cargo operation
  • Assisting as required in every job on deck and the bridge especially jobs for the next rank.
  • Messenger incase of failed communication
  • Watchkeeping
  • Deck jobs (mooring, chipping & painting and other maintenance jobs)
  • Making & cutting stencils
  • Paperworks
  • Cleaning the bridge and cargo control room

In all the duties and responsibilities attached to the rank of the cadet, the deck cadet is expected to learn and work Safe by following all laid down safe working procedures for best practice to avoid mistakes that may lead to accidents.


The deck cadet is expected not to have less than 12 months sea experience onboard a ship which would qualify the deck cadet for eligibility to sit for the officer of the watch license examination. If the standard duration of the sea experience is not met the cadet wouldn’t be offer the eligibility to attend the classes and sit for the license examination by the maritime authority.

During the period of sea experience the deck cadet expect to work while learning not just on the deck department but also other departments of the ship. This will help the cadet to familiarize with the mode of operation of every department onboard and build the up knowledge and confidence.

The cadet is never allowed to carry out task or job on their own because they are not licensed and they have little or no experience in the task they are to carry out. It is important for a cadet to ask questions especially when in doubt to avoid making dangerous mistakes.


There are basic qualities that is required from the cadet. The cadet must;

  • be teachable
  • be a fast learner
  • be a good listener
  • be submissive
  • follow orders diligently
  • have good attitude towards work.

With this qualities the cadet is sure to learn and have good knowledge during the sea experience period.

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