Rank Of Chief Engineer

Rank Of Chief Engineer

 In the engine department, the rank of Chief Engineer (ChEng for short) is the head of the engine department, which is directly responsible for the welfare of the engine staff and every operation, project, and maintenance carried out in the engine room every other machinery space onboard.


The chief engineer position is a managerial position which makes it the highest leading position amongst the engine staff enables the person to sign & approve and supervise all jobs/projects being has carried out in the engine department such as bunker calculations and operations, routine maintenance & overhauling, operation of machinery, fabrication, and design.
The chief engineer position is also a consulting position that allows the engine staff to consult him when there is no clarity where he will advise as per the company’s policy under regulatory laws of the maritime bodies. The company also consults the chief engineer for advice when needed for the safe operation of the ship.

By Saqib Ahmed


The standard wage allotted to the chief engineer according to ITF-IMEC IBF International Collective Bargaining Agreement (Appendix 2) is $6287. wage excludes bonuses depending on the company policy and other allowances such as security allowance for vessels treading dangerous waters, High-risk allowance, dangerous cargo allowance, Tanker allowance, etc. This allowance may depend on the type of vessel, cargo, operation & trading zone.


Uniform: Onboard a ship, a chief engineer can identify the four stripes (bars) with a propeller or diamond symbol on the epaulet.

Work/ Rest Hours: Like every other crew on board, the chief engineer has a work & rest time where he works at least 8 hours in 24 hours period and possibly 1 hour overtime; thus, the work hours must conform with the acceptable working practice.

Accommodation: Contingent upon the size of the vessel, a chief engineer has expected to have an individual Dayroom, Office, and cabin.


To attend the chief engineer position, the person must get the chief engineer’s license. A chief engineer has expected to know the engine room operation and analyze and draft reports. In order to become a Chief Engineer, the last rank before the Chief Engineer must have experience in all positions from the engine cadet.

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