Rank Of Electro-Technical Officer ( ETO )

Rank Of Electro-Technical Officer (ETO)

Rank Of Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) commonly referred to as “Electrician” onboard a ship is licensed Engine officer in charge of electrical, technical and automation jobs.

Since the inception of power plant onboard to generate electrical power that would be used onboard for powering electrical equipment and lighting there has always been a need for Electrical Officers as formally called until the “Manila 2010″amendments of the STCW ’95 which its now referred to as Electro-Technical Officer (ETO). The ETO reports directly to chief engineer.


The ETO is not an Engine Watchkeeper and performs his/her duties at the normal working hours of 0800H-1700H and maybe called upon after working hour incase of emergency or maneuvering. Due to the technological advancement in ship the ETO is needed where the person is responsible for;

By Romeeta Bundela
  • Installation, maintenance & repairs of the lighting system
  • Automation of machineries/ equipment use for navigation
  • Installation of electrical equipment such as sensors, alarms etc.
  • Periodic testing of electrical safety equipment
  • Maintenance & repairs of electrical machineries
  • Monitoring of running hours especially on electrical equipment
  • Stock taking of electrical supplies
  • Inventory of electrical spares
  • Electrical storekeeper
  • Preparing monthly electrical reports
  • Standby during maneuvering/ recording and filled the bell book
  • Disconnecting & reconnecting power source of machinery under maintenance
  • Maintenance & setting up means of telecommunications onboard

Also some auxiliaries systems are assigned to the ETO as such;

  • Air Conditioning System
  • Refrigeration system
  • Power plant alternators
  • Electric motors

On larger vessels, as an example, journey sends or targeted seaward stateless person vessels, Electro-Technical Officers will embrace positions within their career, such position names incorporate, lead ETO, initial lineman, boss electrical official, or boss electrical specialist. The foremost elevated positioned Electro-Technical official can report lawfully to the boss engineer during this circumstance. On great category ships, as an example, FPSOs, the Electro-Technical official, will acquire league salaries due to the unpredictability of frameworks on board. This individual has often expected to own additional capabilities that add live planning, instrumentation, and management.


By Romeeta Bundela

– Certificate of Competence (CoC) STCW ’95 Reg. III/6

– B.Sc or B.Eng or HND or ND in Marine Electrical/Electronics Engineering

Other certification aside from STCW Basic Training maybe required as per company policy, vessel type or trade region.

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