About Merchant Navy

     A merchant navy field could be a crew of ships that’s liable for transporting essential merchandise from one country to a different one. it’s one of every one of the essential components of international trade as most of the import and export are done through ships. A career in the businessperson marine field may be most useful if you’re searching for remunerative jobs. A businessperson merchant navy or businessperson Marine is that the crew of transport and ships that visit totally different countries for trade. These crews are registered in any country and deal with transporting freight and passengers by the ocean. There are totally different positions those associate degree aspirants will apply for during this field.

 A mariner or sailor is someone who is attached to a private or government shipping company in any country. When discussing the operation and maintenance of a ship, there are several departments.

The Merchant Shipping staff operates as part of the country’s commercial shipping. In the case of the merchant navy, there is no intervention for war purposes. It is, in fact, a group of merchant ships
A merchant navigator must fulfill his role to the fullest. Their primary responsibilities include managing all mechanical parts of the ship to maintain proper operation, ship maneuvering, operation, and maintenance The door is open for various jobs in the marine industry for marine field graduates. They can also serve on a container ship, cargo ship, passenger ship, tanker ship, and any other ship after completing their studies.

Starting as a merchant navy candidate from an early age and facing exams and gaining experience, you can reach the top positions in each department. Captain, Chief Engineer, Chief Cook are among them. Adding Pilots, Surveyors, Lectures, Company management professional or technical ship management organizations.

Considering the role of a ship, the ship crew is divided into three main departments. There is a high post in charge of each of those departments.


[ 01 ]  Engine Department

[ 02 ]  Deck Department

[ 03 ]  Galley Department

             Engine Department

The engine department operates, maintains, and repairs engines, boilers, pumps, generators, and alternative machinery and systems crucial to a vessel’s operation. Personnel operating during this department are divided into two categories. Those are authorized and unauthorized personnel. Licensing officers are available for each country. changing into an official within the engine department needs must have studied at a maritime campus recognized as a professional member of the Department Of Engineering. You can then join the ship and move up by completing the experience and additional exams.

The senior member of the engine department is his authorized member and works as a Chief Engineer who oversees all the machinery and equipment of the vessel. It also ensures that they work properly. Assess fuel, lubricant, and alternative consumption needs. Provides updated inventories in accordance with the rules. The key is to handle the engine crew properly.

Engineers are to blame for operating and maintaining a vessel’s propulsion and auxiliary systems and alternative tasks counting on their rank, together with responsibilities for main engines, boilers, fuel, steering mechanisms, feed systems, electrical, refrigeration systems, waste treatment, lube oil, standing watch within the room, directional and supervision unauthorized crew, recording and news on the engine’s performance. 

              Deck Department

The deck department could be a stratified cluster onboard maritime and vendor ships. The workplace and its observance stipulations, as well as the duties of every position, are managed within the STCW Convention. This department is headed by deck officers. They are handled by the Captain, who is the head of the deck department. He is also in charge of the entire ship. Sailors within the deck job work an associate an assortment of occupations on a ship or vessel, but basically, they’ll do the route of a vessel, from the scaffold. all the same, they’re usually likewise in control of managing and checking any oceanic payload put in, even as guaranteeing support of the deck and higher anatomical structure, perceptive the stableness of the boat as well as stacking and cathartic balance water, finishing securing tasks last mooring a ship.


            Galley Department

The galley department or kitchen is the area where a ship works 24 hours a day. The chief is the Chief cook, and in addition, there are stewardess positions to assist him. A ship cook earns a relatively high salary overseas and has the opportunity to travel around the world. This allows cooks to expand their horizons and prepare food for people of different cultures and traditions. Usually, there is another member of the galley department, including the chief cook. But passenger ships have more members.

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